Trekking Info

Jungala Nature Treks is taking you on trails through beautiful environment with spectacular views.  Both areas include elephant riding and bamboo rafting if you wish so. We also would like to recommend you tours with a focus on physical efforts. Depending on your condition and the different seasons you may choose from a variety of treks. The trekking areas are at Mae Wang district south-east of Chiang Mai city and Mae Taeng district north-east of Chiang Mai city.

All our trekking tours will lead you to Karen villages. On some tours are you also able to visit villages of other ethnic minority groups. Karen are the biggest ethnic tribe in Thailand. They have their own linguistic origin, celebrate their traditional culture with inherited wisdom, wear hand-woven clothes and are in majority farmers who practice crop rotation. They live in close unity with nature since many food sources and tools of daily live traditionally come from nature. Thus Karen focus on preserving the environment sustainable. They understand the importance of caring for the jungles since it gives live.

We also follow these footsteps and care for the environment. Our lunch packs are made of biodegradable banana leaves. Plastic bottles and beverage cans are recycled by the villages or host families. In Thailand recycling material is sold, so the people generate a little bit of extra income.

May we encourage you to follow the idea of reuse, reduce and recycle? Please do not litter anywhere on your treks and bring all your rubbish back to the next village or to Chiang Mai.

Please respect the people with their cultural pride and traditional heritage. Ask for permission before taking pictures.

Individual trekking

Do you wish to go on a private trek with no other tourists joining? Than individual trekking will be the best choice for you. You can either choose of a tour given below or ask us for a special tailored trek meeting your needs and requirements.

Family trekking

May we recommend you to take a private tour with your family? Children are curious and like to explore, they find an interesting shaped tree, a beautiful insect or enjoy watching water buffalos taking a mud bath. We would like to invite your children on an adventure to answer their curiosity as well as care for their natural physical needs of more rests. Doh might even prepare some special treats for the children for meals or find some forest goods for traditional games or craft simple toys.

It will be an unforgettable memory for your children and you to go on an adventure through the jungle. Depending on the age of your children you can either join a group with other travelers or go on a private trek. We are also able to arrange a trekking tour to your personal needs. Having small children ourselves who joined us for some trekking routes gave us hands-on experiences. These are valuable information which enable us to recommend you the trails which are most suitable and fun with children. We understand your needs and are committed to provide you a family-oriented service.

Small groups

Are you a small or private group travelling? We are able to take your group of any size trekking just send us an inquiry and we will arrange the best options for an unforgettable tour.

Tailored treks:

You wish to go on a private trek as an individual, with your family or with a small group?

We are determined to arrange a trek meeting your desire as much as possible. Please send us a request with your details as group size, date of departure and special requirements and we will propose you an itinerary with quotation.