Social Responsibility

Social_Responsibility20% of each trekking income will be deducted for the community support fund. This fund will be used to support poor families living in hardship, aid to farmers after loss of crops because of natural disasters or assistance for sanitation, water supply or necessary housing maintenance as appropriate.

The financial support of 20% from the trekking income will be collected the entire year and paid out at time of necessity. A report will be published each following year in January, which states how many funds where raised and for what financial assistance it was donated to local villagers in our trekking area.

If you wish to bring small gifts for children or your hosts, please consider bringing useful items such as school equipment, mosquito nets or blankets. Your old, but still in good condition winter clothes will be highly appreciated as it can get very cold in the mountains in winter.

Jungala Nature Treks bookings in 2014 were limited to only a few customers. Therefore the balance for the Community Support Fund will be forwarded and added to the balance of 2015. The amount shall be paid out in the beginning of 2016. We will keep you up dated.