About us

pee-dohDoh began his career as a licensed tour guide in 1994 and started Jungala Nature Treks as an independent tour operator in 2014.

It’s not only Doh’s profession to lead trekking tours in the jungle close to Chiang Mai, but also his passion to stroll through the forest. He loves the mountains and is able to explain you the environment with its flora and fauna. Doh is an ethnic Karen from Chiang Mai province. As all Karen he grew up in close relationship with nature. Thus he may give you details about traditional lifestyle, prepare authentic Karen meals, explain you what kind of food sources can be found in the forest.

Mission Jungala Nature Treks’ mission is it to provide tourists with unique yet professional and save treks which have a positive impact on ethnic minorities and are environmentally sensitive.

Jungala Nature Treks is registered with the Tourism Authority of Thailand under the registration number 24/00249.